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When will I receive my product?

We will take all reasonable effort to ensure that your pre-orders arrive earlier/on time while meeting our high standards of quality.

Can I request for a refund?

All purchases are not refundable.

How do I track my pre-order?

We will update you on the status of your pre-order via email from time to time if it is on track or if there is any delay on the shipments.


Is SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment right for my hair type?
Our hair treatment is formulated for all hair type, so if you’re looking for a natural way to deep condition and nourish your hair, try it out!
Is SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment Oil Base?
Yes, you are absolutely right! SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment is an oil-based treatment. It is made of 100% natural herbs and recipe that has been used for generations.
What can SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment be used for besides hair?
It is made for Hair, Beard, Eyebrows and Eyelashes. Some of our customers even use it to strengthen their nails as nails are made of the same protein called keratin.
Who can use SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment?
Everyone from the age of 1 year old and above can use it including pregnant mommies.
What does SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment do?
  1. Helps Scalp and Beard Itchiness.
  2. Promotes hair growth and thickens hair
  3. Softens and tames frizzy hair/beard.
  4. Helps hair fall and damaged hair
  5. Strengthens hair shaft
  6. Prevents split ends
  7. Helps premature greying.
  8. Treats Dandruff/ crusty scalp, alopecia, eczema, dermatitis and majority scalp conditions.
  9. Ideal for both men & women, prenatal and postpartum, kids and babies above 1-year-old.
  10. Treats hair and beard patches
    Restore Damaged Hair and Beard
What is SENA Pre Cleanse Treatment Made Of
SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment is made of only 100% Natural Ingredients (ZERO Chemical). Our product is made of Extra Virgin Cold-Pressed Organic Coconut Oil, Curry Leaves, Gooseberry, Fenugreek, Guava and Neem. The content itself is proven highly nutritious to enhance and promote hair growth and other advantages.
I’ve never used SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment before. How do I apply it?
Our SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment is a pre-shampoo deep-conditioning treatment. You can apply it to your hair while it’s dry or slightly damp, about 1 hour before showering. However, the longer the Pre-Cleanse Treatment is kept on hair, the more time all nourishing substances have to penetrate deep into hair structure, if possible, try applying it the night before and washing it out the following morning. Please don’t leave it on more than 12 hours.
Is SENA Pre Cleanse Treatment oil base?? Won’t that make my hair greasy?
Yes, SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment is Hair Oil. While your first instinct might be to think that oil would make your scalp greasy, actually the opposite is true. Our SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment helps nourish your scalp, breaks up build-up from styling products and will leave your hair moisturized, yet cleansed. You might even find (like many of our happy customers) that using SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment will help to prevent your scalp from overproducing unnecessary oils.
Oh no, it’s winter and my SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment looks solid and opaque. What should I do?
No need for panic. The natural, organic coconut oil in our formula can cause liquid treatment to solidify at colder temperatures. No nasty ingredients or chemicals are added to prevent this from happening. All you got to do is, place the Pre-Cleanse Treatment bottles in a bowl of warm water, it will return to its beautiful golden hue liquid state.
What is the quantity that is supposed to be applied to hair?
There are no restrictions connected with the amount to be applied on hair yet, in general, there is no need in applying huge amounts of it. Sufficient amount that covers all over your scalp up to the tip of your hair if perfect. (please note, it is advisable not to exceed four tablespoons a day). It is important to put on hair such an amount of oil to let it get absorbed freely so it does not weigh hair down. What is more, if applied in the great amount it might become troublesome to remove the natural cosmetic completely once the session of oil hair treatment is over.
Should the Pre-Cleanse Treatment be applied only to the scalp, or should it be applied to hair as well?
The application should be all over your scalp up to the tip of your hair strands. This is to ensure all nutrients are absorbed both by your scalp and hair strands.
Can hair oil treatment damage hair?
Absolutely not! Hair oil treatment is a natural hair care method. SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment is completely safe & will never damage your hair.
How to determine my hair type?
Hair has a different porosity level. The easiest way to learn the type is by conducting a test with a glass of water. Seeing a Trichology (a hair doctor) is a more reliable method. Anyway, coming back to the test, pull out one of your hair and throw it to a glass of freshwater. A hair that sinks fast, is damaged and lacks moisture. On the other hand, a hair that remains on water’s surface is healthier and all it needs is to be protected against any damage.
Which method of SENA treatment is the most effective?
All SENA treatment methods are effective. Some are catered for different types of issues. Certainly, the most intensive action is provided by overnight oil hair treatment.
How do I know which method is for which type of issues?
Do contact us via WhatsApp and our expert team will advise you accordingly.
Can SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment accelerate hair growth?
Yes, it can! Thanks to the regular application of SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment to the scalp and hair, combined with massaging they can significantly accelerate hair growth as well as activate ‘sleeping’ hair bulbs. Actually, as a consequence of oil hair treatment, baby hair starts growing out.
Can a woman apply SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment when they are pregnant?
Yes, pregnant and breastfeeding women can apply our Pre-Cleanse Treatment. We would even suggest replacing regular cosmetics containing artificial preservatives and substances with SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment.
Is it true that oil accelerates hair drying?
Oils can speed up drying-time of hair because fats do not inosculate with water. When the oil is absorbed into the hair, it pushes out water cumulated on strands. This is the very reason why hair treated with oil dries faster and the air produced by a blow-dryer improves absorption of oil. In this way, one can shorten time devoted to hair drying even up to 50%. (Don’t use hot air blower, use cold air blower)
Why SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment better than regular conditioners?
Effective replacements of hair conditioners, mask and balms are natural oils. They do not only work superficially but also can regenerate and strengthen hair from the inside. What is more, their action is more intensive and thanks to regular use, oils can permanently improve hair condition. Apart from that, natural oils are much safer and match the hair structure better.
How big is one bottle?
Per bottle of SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment is 50ml or 1.7oz.
SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment scent still lingers on my hair after washing, what should I do?
If the scent bothers you, we would recommend double cleansing & conditioning your hair to get rid of it. You can also cover your head with a towel or shower cap once applied.
How long does the application take?
It’s very quick! It only takes about 10 minutes or less to apply & massage your scalp.
Can I sleep in the hair mask?
Absolutely. If you think your hair needs extra help, try sleeping in our Pre-Cleanse Treatment. Simply apply the Pre-Cleanse Treatment before you go to bed (as per the instruction) and cover with a shower cap or silk scarf that you don’t mind using for this purpose. Rinse out in the morning and you’ll have silky soft hair!
Why does my hair fall more after applying SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment?
At any one time you will have about 10-15% of your hair going through a part of the hair phase that the hair is no longer growing, becomes unattached from the follicle and is being pushed out to make room for new hair. Sometimes dead skin cells build up on your scalp creating a barrier and prevent the hair from actually falling away from the scalp. Then, when you apply oil on the scalp, it can remove the dead skin, lubricate the scalp and allow the hair to come away from the scalp. This is one reason to why you may have hair fall after using our Pre-Cleanse Treatment. These things don’t make you lose more hair, they just allow for the already unattached hair to come away from your scalp.


If you are having a reaction to our Pre-Cleanse Treatment and it is causing inflammation, then this could cause more hair loss. This will accompany with itching, redness or irritation. In that case, stop using it.

Secondly is when you do not wash off the excess oil properly. The remaining oil tends to attract dust and other pollutants, clog the pores on the scalp and block the hair follicles which eventually leads to hair fall and plenty of it. An oily scalp can also result in dandruff which in turn can lead to hair loss

Thirdly is when you are massaging your hair ensure that you massage the scalp gently. Massaging the scalp too vigorously can lead to hair fall. Also, make sure that you do not apply too much oil on your hair and wash the oil off properly.

And finally, don’t tie your ponytail in the same place: If you always wear your hair up in a tight ponytail, then try not to tie it in exactly the same place every day. It can cause too much tension on the hair and over time can weaken it.

What is the best technique to apply SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment?
There is no particular technique to apply our Pre-Cleanse Treatment However, it is important to understand certain points to have optimum results:


  1. The oil should be lukewarm by slightly heating it. 
  2. Dip fingers in the oil. Make a partition of your hair with your hand and apply the oil to the scalp.
  3. Do not just pour oil on the head. Use oil in adequate quantity only. Using too much oil will mean you’ll need to use more shampoo. Gently massage the scalp with your fingertips.
  4. Never rub your hair with your palms as it can break. Massaging is essential as it improves blood circulation in your scalp area. You should massage your hair for 10 to 15 minutes.
  5. Leave the oil in your hair overnight. You can wash it off the next morning. However, it is always better to leave the oil on the scalp for a longer period but not more than 12 hours as then it’ll start attracting dirt, in turn, it’ll make the hair weak.
  6. Steaming your hair with a hot towel after oiling is excellent as it helps hair to absorb the oil. Just wrap a warm towel around it for 10 minutes. Make sure that the towel is not too hot as too much heat can harm the hair shaft
So Why Are Parabens, Sulphates, Silicones, Phthalates, DEA or Synthetic Dyes so controversial?
  1. Sulphates: Harsh, synthetic surfactants used to dissolve dirt and oil.
      • Concerns: Can cause scalp irritation, follicle inflammation, and cause hair to become dry and dull.
  2. Silicones: Lightweight, synthetic, petroleum-derived polymers that coat the hair cuticle to lock out frizz and enhance shine
      • Concerns (Sulphates & Silicones): Excessive build up and “clogging” of the hair cuticle that prevents hair from absorbing nutrient-rich ingredients
  3. Phthalates: Chemicals used to stabilize synthetic fragrances
      • Concerns: Potential reproductive and developmental toxicity
  4. Parabens: Synthetic preservatives meant to inhibit bacteria growth and extend the shelf life of products
      • Concerns: Scientific studies that may indicate a link between paraben ingestion and certain types of cancers
  5. Artificial Dyes: Synthetic agents used to cosmetically tint products
      • Concerns: Can cause scalp irritation and can be problematic for those with allergies or sensitive skin and eyes.
  6. DEA: A foaming and product thickening agent
      • Concerns: Linked to allergies, skin toxicity, hormone disruption, and inhibited fetal brain development.
Is SENA tested on animals?
Absolutely NOT!! We love our furry friends and are cruelty-free so we do NOT test on animals.
What is the shelf life of your products?
Our products do have a typical shelf life of 6 months upon opening.
Do you have proven results?
YES! Do visit our Instagram (@sena.hq) or Facebook (@sena.msia) or type #SENAreview on our social media pages (Instagram & Facebook) to see real results from real customers and read our incredible reviews to see that it really is a miracle product and does really work!
After how long will I notice the difference after using SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment?
Use our Pre-Cleanse Treatment for the amount of time it is prescribed for different hair problems;

  1. For grey hair – 4 – 6 months are required for the treatment. Effects will be seen within 45-60 days.
  2. For baldness – 3 – 6 months are required for the treatments. Effects will be seen within 5-15 days.
  3. For hair fall and dandruff – 2 – 3 months are required for complete treatment. Effects will be seen in 1 – 14 days.

**Please take note, everyone’s progress to healthy hair & scalp differs. We would recommend drinking at least 2 litres of water a day, have a healthy diet & using SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment as per advised for better results. Should you have questions pertaining this, kindly WhatsApp us at +60164144967.

Are there any side effects of using SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment?
Yes, you will feel hungry due to the smell ?
Here are some DONT’s while using SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment
  1. Don’t use any other SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment treatment while you are using SENA as you will be able to see the benefits SENA brings you.
  2. Make sure your scalp and hair are free from any other product before using SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment.
  3. Avoid direct sunlight over the treatment area.
  4. Do not expose SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment to direct sunlight. Best to be kept in room temperature.
  5. Kindly remove hair extensions (Eyelash or Hair) before using SENA Pre-Cleanse Treatment to avoid from damaging it.


Is returning back product(s) possible?

Returning items can only be made possible if ordered goods are damaged during shipment or received a wrong item, type, etc. Other reasons will be left un-entertained.

What is the process of returning item(s)?
  • Provide a photo of the damaged item immediately upon receiving it to our WhatsApp or email (within 24hrs).
  • Returns must be made within 7 days from the date of purchase.
  • Damaged items must be returned together with their original box and receipt.
  • Kindly inform us via Whatsapp or email before returning the item. Otherwise, the request will not be processed.

Upon receiving damaged products, we will inspect it. If one or more of the conditions above is fulfilled, you are entitled to choose between an exchange of the product or a refund—in case of stock unavailability.

Will there be additional charges for returning items?

Customers would have to bear the postage fees for shipping item(s) back to us during the return process. Then, we will refund a maximum of RM5.00 for your return shipping charges to your account.

How long will it take to receive my new item(s) or refund?

Please allow a minimum of 14 working days for this process to be completed.

I need more information about this. Who do I contact?

You can contact our customer service at: +60-164144967 (WhatsApp) or email your inquiry to sales@senaglobal.co

Our customer service will contact you during working days and hours.


Where can SENA deliver its products to?

Currently, we provide shipping worldwide. Friends all over the world can make your purchases through our official website – www.senaglobal.co

Will there be postage fees charged?

LSG SENA GLOBAL charges only RM9.00 per purchase for a single consignee for Peninsular Malaysia and RM15 for Sabah and Sarawak. For overseas postage price, you can check the price once you have keyed in your address and country.

Which courier service does SENA use?

Your parcels are delivered using the following courier services FedEx, DHL, or Janio.

How do I estimate the delivery time?

All orders will be shipped every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of the week. You will be able to receive the product within 5-7 days upon shipment. We try our best to prepare your orders and send them out as soon as we can.

Why is my order coming late?

During peak periods, there may be some delay in shipping. Please bear with us if we could not fulfill the usual delivery promise due to large volumes of orders, transactions, and availability issues.


For more details or inquiries on shipping issues,

Please contact us at: +60-164144967 (WhatsApp) or hello@senaglobal.co

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